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In 2017 Nigel Sadler approached Amberley Publishing and suggested that even though there had been a decade since the bicentenary commemorations of the abolition of the British slave trade in 1807 where much had been promised to address public representation both of those that benefited from slavery or those that had fought against slavery, little had actually be done. It was agreed I could write a book that looked at public monuments, street names and the industrial and commercial landscapes that exist in Britain today that had their roots in the story of enslavement. The book is a good tool to understand the call for change that arose in 2020 and the toppling and removal of some of the statues covered in the book.  








Museum Related

2016 Museums:The Postcard Collection (Amnberley Publishing)

2013 Outreach or Out of Reach? Seeking New Audiences: The Turks and Caicos National Museum Children's Club, Chapter 14 in Plantation to Nation: Caribbean Museums and National Identity

2005 Intangible Heritage - Recording the Past, Discover Magazine

2002 “What is a Museum”, Astrolabe, in Times of the Islands Magazine Fall 2002

2000 The Turks and Caicos National Museum: A case Study of the Role of a Museum in a Country Developing Tourism, p366-377 in “Tourism and Heritage Relationships: Global, National and Local Perspectives”, Edited by Mike Robinson, Business Education Publisher (ISBN 1 871916 35 6)

1997 A Sinister Way of Life: A Search for Left-Handed Material Culture, Chapter 9 in
“Experiencing Material Culture in The Western World”, Edited by Susan Pearce,
Leicester University Press (ISBN 0 7185 0021 0)

1996 "Left on the Shelf", Museums Journal November


Forthcoming Publications
Caribbean Slavery Site Directory (Entries submitted but publication title and print date still unknown) 

I am also working on research for possible publications on the slave ship Troubadour, and Slave Ships


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Published Books/Booklets


2018 The Legacy of Slavery in Britain (Amberley Publishing)

2017 British Piers: The Postcard Collection (Amberley Publishing)

2016 Museums: The Postcard Collection (Amberley Publishing)

2015 Erotic Postcards of the Early 20th Century (Amberley Publishing)

2014 The First World War: The Postcard Collection (Amberley Publishing)

2014 British West Indies: The Postcard Collection (Amberley Publishing) with co-author Sonja Arias

2013 Ottery St Mary Through Time (Amberley Publishing)

2009 The Transatlantic Slave Trade (Shire Publishing)

2009 A History of the Turks and Caicos Islands - the new Community College Local Studies Text Book (Edited by Dr Carlton Mills). Nigel Sadler wrote seven chapters for this publication

 2008 Enfield and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (Edited by Val Munday). Nigel Sadler researched some of the material used in this publication and Sands of Time Consultancy supplied many of the images 

2004 Finding Our Roots: A Study Guide for Children (presented free to all local school children)

2004 Slave History of the Turks and Caicos Islands, TCNM 2004 (ISBN 976 95043 2 7)

2003 Turks and Caicos Islands in Old Photographs, TCNM 2003 (ISBN 976 95043 1 9)

2001 Guide to the Turks and Caicos National Museum, TCNM 2001, (ISBN 976 95043 0 0)

1999 Hitchcock - From Leytonstone to Hollywood, London Borough of Waltham Forest

1999 The Bremer Car, London Borough of Waltham Forest (ISBN 0 901974 43 9)

1998 Waltham Forest in Old Photographs, Sutton Publishing (ISBN 0 7509 1738 5)

Magazine/Journal Articles

2010 Inclusion in an Archaeological Project: Trouvadore Project - A Case Study. p431-446. This is a chapter in the WAC Journal Archaeologies: Making Archaeology More Inclusive, Edited by Nigel Sadler and Akira Matsuda

2008 The Sinking of the Slave Ship Trouvadore; Linking the Past to the Present. p 209-220. Chapter in Underwater and Maritime Archaeology in Latin America and the Caribbean

2008 The Trouvadore Project: The Search for a Slave Ship and its Cultural Importance, International Journal of Historical Archaeology (IJHA)

2007 (November), Hannibal, Journey of a Slave Ship, 1693-94, The Journal of the Barbados Museum & Historical Society

2007 Trouvadore - Legacy of a Slave Ship, Discover Turks and Caicos

2006 Intangible Heritage, Discover Turks and Caicos

2005 The Lucayans, p26-29 Discover Turks and Caicos

2002 A Land of Discovery p8-10, Discover Turks and Caicos

2001 Looking Back, Looking Forward p12-14, Discover Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos National Museum’s newsletter, Astrolabe, is published quarterly in the Times of the Islands (print run of 30 000). The Following articles have been written for Astrolabe.

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, P89-97 Spring 2007

Keeping Count: Population Growth in the Islands, P97-106 Summer 2006

As a Matter of Fact, 101-111 Spring 2006

Crime and Punishment, P107-116, Winter 2005

Turks and Caicos Islands at War, p91-102 Summer 2005

Charting Our Way Through History, p93-101 Spring 2005

Water, Water Everywhere….., p81-88 Fall 2004

Liberated Africans. Part 2: The Wreck of the Trouvadore, p85-89 Spring 2004

The Return of a Treasure, p90-93 Spring 2004

Liberated Africans Putting Right the Wrongs of the Past. Part 1: 1807-1860, p79-84 Winter 2003/04

The Salt Industry and George Washington, p86 Fall 2003

Aerial Reconnaissance, p74-77 Summer 2003

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Celebrations, p68-69 Fall 2002

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Anniversary, p59-70 Summer 2002

The Mercury Project, p76-83 Winter 2001

The Message in a Bottle Project, p60-66 Fall 2001

The Start of Sisal Production, p62-65 Winter 2000

Turks and Caicos in Old Photographs, p58, Fall 2000

Online Articles

The Trouvadore project: The Legacy of a Sunken Slave Ship. (Click on title to get Article), September 2007. Published online at African Diaspora Archaeology Network. The article is in a pdf format and can be downloaded