Museum and Heritage Consultancy

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 Golden Hinde Trust

 Throughout 2016 and still ongoing

Assessing and developing a new management Board to oversee the attraction 


Turks and Caicos National Museum

August-September 2016 

Production of 7 panels on the First World War and the Turks and Caicos Islands


Golden Hinde Trust

August-September 2015 

Sands of Time Consultancy has produced three panels and a powerpoint presentation on positive black role models during the period of the transatlantic slave trade. This material will be used during Black History Month (October) 2015  


Montserrat National Trust

November 2014 - May 2015

Sands of Time Consultancy has led a successful application for funds from the British Library for an Endangered Archive Programme so that Montserrat National Trust can run a pilot project to digitise historic archives. Sands of Time set up the project in Montserrat and then advise and support Montserrat National Trust  over a three month period. Sands of Time Consultancy also produced a detailed report assessing the historical development of the archival material in Montserrat and advising on the best way forward to preserve the remaining archival material. Sands of time Consultancy is continuing to offer support and advice free of charge hopefully so that the next stage of the project can be started.  The information about the project can be found at EAP 769


Ottery St Mary Heritage Society

January-July 2014 

Sands of Time Consultancy provided its services for free to help the local heritage society put on an exhibition 'Ottregians during the First World War'. This looked at how local residents of Ottery St Mary  were involved in the First World War. Sands of Time Consultancy carried out research, supplied images and objects from the company collections and is supporting a local author who is preparing a book on the First World War due out in 2015.


Museums Association of the Caribbean

January 2012-January 2014

Sands of Time Consultancy was employed to run the Museums Association of the Caribbean Secretariat. The work included developing the website, producing 4 newsletters, assisting in the organisation of the AGM in Trinidad, responding to enquiries to MAC, supporting the MAC and Pacific Islands Museum Association exchange programme and coordinating with the International Council of Museums regarding training programmes.


Ottery St Mary Heritage Society


Sands of Time Consultancy produced a detailed report for free on the steps that the Heritage Society needed to take to realose their hopes for a museum in the town.


Golden Hinde Trust

August/September 2011

Sands of Time Consultancy was employed to identify the policy documents required by the Golden Hinde Trust to take them from being a premiere London tourist attraction into being one of Britains leading Sir Francis Drake and Elizabethan seafaring research centre with a small museum in a planned extension alongside the Golden Hinde replica. Once the policies have been identified Sands of Time Consultancy will prepare the draft policy documents for approval.

Cayman Islands National Museum

May 2011

Sands of Time Consultancy was hired to assess the present staff structure and organisational chart and to make recommendations on a new structure that could be developed to take the museum forward 

Sands Of Time Consultancy

Private Projects - 2007 to 2011

Researching the slave trade and slave ships for potential publications. This led to the Shire publication 'The Slave Trade'

Creation of the exhibition 'Chained Bodies, Free Minds' for hire or purchase. In support of this Sands of Time Consultancy has also produced its own educational resource.

Development of an Image Archive.




Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC)

Jan 2011 - March 2011

Sands of Time Consultancy was employed to carry out an extensive survey on the museums in the Caribbean. Nigel Sadler and Sonja Arias developed the questionnaire, identified 1101 museums in the survey area and located email addresses for over half of these museums, and received 110 responses from museums and heritage organisations. The final report submitted to MAC included recommendations about how MAC can support museums in the region through their own identified training needs, and also recommended some of the museums that should be invited to attend a possible MAC/ICOM Emergency Training Course.

Museum Of London Docklands

18 January – 30 June 2010

Post Abolition: Commemorative Stamps From Around the World.

This was a display looking at how the abolition of slavery has been commemorated through the everyday postage stamp. Sands of Time Consultancy supplied all the stamps and First Day covers used in the exhibition, provided research material, Nigel Sadler led two gallery tours during the exhibition and gave two lectures on the representation of slavery in stamps and First Day covers. Sands of Time Consultancy is now looking at how to make research undertaken in preperation for this exhibition available long term.


Museums, Archives and Libraries (MLA) London

September 2008 - March 2009

Nigel Sadler was hired as a full-time freelance Museum Development Officer for Central London. The work centred on advising museums in the 7 central London Boroughs especially those being invited to apply for Accreditation. This work required a detailed knowledge of the Accreditation process, Renaissance funding, MLA programmes and the ability to work with a variety of museums and collections.

Cayman Islands National Museum

2007 - 2008

In January 2007 Sands of Time Consultancy was hired to assess the Cayman Islands National Museum service and to give advice in getting the museum reopened after the Hurricane in 2004.

Following on from this work Sands of Time Consultancy was commisioned to review the practicality of setting up an archaeology unit within the Museum Service. This report has lead to the hiring of Sands of Time Consultancy in April 2008 to review legislation and to provide recommendations on the process forward.

Press coverage of the visit in April 2008 can be found at:

Cayman Net News



Vestry House Museum

October 2007 (Black History Month)

Sands of Time Consultancy lent Vestry House Museum a range of items to help illustrate their exhibition on slavery. Due to past connections and the present difficulties the museum is undergoing this service was provided as a donation.


March 23rd - End of May 2007

Sands of Time Consultancy lent Vestry House Museum a range of items to help illustrate their exhibition on slavery. Due to past connections and the present difficulties the museum is undergoing this service was provided as a donation.

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Enfield Museum Service

Enfield and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

2006 - September 2007

Sands of Time Consultancy was hired to assist the creation of the exhibition which ran from August 23rd until October 28th 2007 and then travelled until April 2008 . The work was started in 2006 with preliminary research and completed in September 2007. The work included:

Carrying out the preliminary research for the 12 panels on the transatlantic slave trade

Sourcing images for the 12 panels

Lending objects for the exhibition

Reviewing and assisting in the final panel design

Setting up the gallery

British Empire and Commonwealth Museum

'Breaking The Chains'

Feb 2nd - April 23rd 2007

Sands of Time Consultancy was hired to assist the project team in the final stages of the production of the 'Breaking The Chains' exhibition. The work included:

Assisting with the production of the Education Pack

Overseeing the delivery of loan items

Confirming insurance for loan items

Reviewing text captions

Reviewing objects selected for the Caribbean Gallery

Assistting with Installing objects in the gallery